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We're professional security engineers seasoned by many years of practical experience and deep understanding of technologies. We're ready to battle to make your project as secure as possible.

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  • Blockchain

    Decentralizing everything! ©

    Decentralization is the latest buzzword, even though it is the foundation of the Public Internet. Recently, decentralization in the financial sphere has experienced tremendous growth, from modern disaster recovery models to the launch of boutique cryptocurrencies. The PepperSec Team has helped foster these as well as projects in production, insurance, management - the list goes on. At Peppersec, we help our clients build secure futures by focusing on efficient usage of fundamental technologies.

  • Web

    OWASP TOP10 security fighting.

    Security exists when teams have standard, testable systems that can withstand outside attacks and third party audits. PepperSec is experienced in client-side and backend security of modern web apps. Along with generally accepted methods (e.g., OWASP), we practice original ones to ensure there is the only way to interact with your web app - the legitimate one. This is security, and that brings peace of mind.

  • Mobile

    Android and IOS are accepted here.

    Peppersec understands that mobile apps are just a different interface for interacting with business logic handled by the corporate or enterprise backend. Securing and hardening your mobile app can burn hours Your IT and InfoSys teams need to deliver services to your staff. PepperSec understand how to enhance unique features and mitigate the attack surface of mobile apps so your team can get their work done, wherever they are in the field.

  • Network infrastructure

    Microservices or single server - we are ready.

    As your network grows, so does potential risk. Building secure, organized infrastructure that can isolate logical service components helps determine bottlenecks and prevents a compromised segement from impacting another. At Peppersec, we can help blaze your Information System trail and ensure you're on the right on the path.

We are hiring

We are looking for teammates. If you have similar or higher professional experience (Ethical hacking, developer, QA, customer service) – please send your resume or CV - if you are an excellent candidate we'll take you seriously.